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Rajamouli Not Happy With Fake Box Office Figures
Published on 03 Jun 2017

SS Rajmouli said that he is not happy with the fake box office figures. Due to the lack of proper tracking agency down South, the numbers are often exaggerated. Rajmouli said this in a recent interview, "I was righteously credited for my work in my Ram Charan starrer Magadheera. However, I had other issues with Allu Aravind that have no connection with this. I had previously told Allu Aravind that, I am not happy with fake box-office figures and also with extension of the movie’s run even after it became a successful venture. So we agreed on certain terms and conditions. But however, later on, Allu Aravind went back on his words and there was an inflation of the box-office figures and a forceful extension in the number of days that the movie was running in theatres".