Rekha And Sanjay Dutt Married
Published on 06 Mar 2017

Find all the latest trending videos on Viduda, like this one: Rekha Sanjay Dutt Marriage News Video. In this latest trending video by Viduda, there are new rumours about the vermillion on rekha’s forehead. Who is this vermillion for, when her husband Mr. Aggarwal died in 1991? According to people earlier this vermillion was for Mr. Bacchan, but now they claim that this must be for Sanjay Dutt. Yasser Usman, the writer of Rekha - The Untold Story (Rekha’s personal life description), has denied the rumours that Rekha applies vermillion in Sanjay Dutt’s name. The rumours of their affair surfaced at the time of Zameen Aasmaan film (1984). Even Sanjay Dutt, says that people are pointing all wrong fingers on Rekha ji, and denies of such relationship between them.