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                HYDRO-BIOS: Automatic Water Sampler MULTI-LIMNOS
                Category: Time Series Water Sampler
                Art.No.: Multi-Limnos
                Keywords: Multi-Limnos, Time Series Water Sampler
                Supplier: Qingdao Watertools Technology?Co., Ltd.

                The MULTI-LIMNOS with its programmable time release mechanism has been designed to automatically collect up to 10 water samples in water depths down to 30 metres. The system is equipped with 10 Duran glass bottles of 1 litre capacity each, which can also be used as transportation and storage vessels. The bottles are screwed into modified LIMNOS headpieces and attached to the base plate. When the system is lowered to the desired water depth all bottles are closed. They are opened successively according to the preselected time intervals. When the bottles are filled with water, they are automatically closed by integrated check valves. The MULTI-LIMNOS is equipped with a microprocessor-controlled Motor Unit, activating the bottles in pre-programmed time intervals in real-time (date and time). The operation schedule is programmed via PC by using OceanLab 3 software.