5 Tops Changes Happening in Tollywood Industry in Recent Times

In the last few years, Tollywood (Telugu) industry has witnessed the winds of changes, be it in terms of conceptual movies, making of bilinguals, stars using social media for heavy promotion and engaging in words of war. This undoubtedly has created trending videos across social media platforms. One can’t ignore the spicing up trending videos of Tollywood industry, which are making headlines in recent times.

With every user using various social media platforms and websites to watch Tollywood latest trending videos, it is easy to share and stay updated. From social media wars among star fans and superstars becoming more ambitious, the Tollywood industry is turning to more interesting. Let us check five such changes happening in the industry:

  1. Social Media Rivalry:

Social media is undoubtedly becoming the battlefield for stars and their fans. Facebook and Twitter is becoming the major platforms for Tollywood stars. In 2016, #FlopUtsavam trended where certain sections¬† of Pawan Kalyan’s fans were in a battle against the section of Mahesh Babu’s fan for ridiculing Sardaar Gabbar Singh. Similarly, SM is considered as a platform to make a video go viral which can also can be viewed in online gossip websites.

  1. Crossing Borders for Filmmaking:

Cinema has no boundaries, and when it comes to presenting a story, it deserves no barriers. Several directors are coming with bi-lingual with Telugu superstars. From AR Murugadoss to N Lingusamy are coming with their respective bi-lingual films. The latest is the Baahubali movie, where both parts were released in pan-India with 4 different languages. Movies with great content and star power turn out to be trending among fans.

  1. Stars going Ambitious in other States:

Telugu stars are expanding their market to reach pan-India audience. Many big releases have been screened in theatres in major cities of different states. Be it NTR, Prabhas, Mahesh Babu or Pawan Kalyan, they are looking for a wider audience and releases. This also helps to be in trend in various gossip websites gain fan base.

  1. Multi-Starrer Movies:

When it comes to right script, actors are agreeing to work in combos which help to be into trends. Many top actors are ready to experiment with multi-starrer movies that give a boost to the script and star appearance.  In recent times, there have been many multi-starrer movies that received thumbs up from critics and fans.

  1. Using Trending Sites for Promotion:

The ultimate aim of a star is to keep his fans updated about the things happening in the film career. People love reading gossips, and with trending video sites available in bunches, stars leave no stone unturned to promote themselves.  There are sites that keep its viewers updated with trending videos happening in the Tollywood industry.

Platforms like Viduda allow fans to get the latest updates and interesting gossips happening in Tollywood industry. If you want to stay updated about your favourite star then check out Viduda that screens Tollywood latest tending videos regularly.

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