You need to take yourself and others out of boredom and bring a smile on everybody’s face. It’s a positive way of leading life. So, you can start with acting, telling jokes and even making funny videos. And making funny videos isn’t really a tough job. some people think that a squeaky voice is funny, for some scary things seem to be funny and for some pain is funny. Every different person has different definitions for funny. It’s not guaranteed that every video you make would appeal everyone. But you can give effort so that at least someone will laugh. If you have the right character, proper equipments, imagination making a bang hit video is in your fist.

Firstly, you need to create a group of yours which includes the cast and the crew. Your group must have people with outstanding personality and smart enough to act in the video. You will definitely need some co – actors and all acting needs to be guided by someone else. You need a writer or a script maker who has a message to deliver via these small videos. Without a cameraman, nothing is possible and atlast you need an expert to edit the video. Secondly, even if you have someone to direct your video, you need to brainstorm your own ideas. One should share with everyone, get a feedback and if satisfied you should start working. You need to carefully watch other videos related to your theme, read other scripts and ideas and get inspired. Choosing the right shooting location for you video according to your theme message or script is very important. You can choose your kitchen, garden or your own living room. It’s suggested to choose a scenic area like local park or central market to get proper lighting. The idea or theme can’t be said nor made into a video directly, it needs a proper script. Everyone should get involved to give suggestive improvements to your script.

You should be well prepared to accept the changes to occur in the midway of shooting the video. Some ideas which are more wittier and funnier comes naturally in the mind of the actors which makes the video funny. All these should be added to the filming of the video. Some dialogues or scenes comes naturally like ad-libbing and this must be allowed to incorporate in the filming of your video. Sometimes this results in funniest films. At the same time, you should take learnings from the past, like putting the funny things or jokes that happened to be a smash hit in the past. If you have got something, you can try to adapt it in your video. The final work is of a camera man and the director who should ensure that there’s a good sense of emotion and must have an ability to bring the actors out of the laugh. And the last one is editing, which can be done by various softwares available like the Windows Movie Maker. A video editor need to prepare a video with sensitivity, care and what’s funny is to the audience. Lastly, it is uploaded in video streaming site ‘YouTube’. These are the tips to a customer who need to follow before reaching any website.



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