Viral videos are one of the greatest online entertainment reaching almost everyone all around the globe. Within 24 hours of upload of these videos, it reaches more than hundred thousand views. It won’t be wrong if we say it has become a trend. These videos can be made overnight and can be uploaded and shared in video streaming websites and social networking platforms. And every one has the potential to become a “viral smash hit”. Many people want to unbox the secret of making a viral video. There are many tricks and tips to make videos and GIFs go viral. Some videos need to have big budget behind, some videos with celebrity appearance can grab people’s attention and crowd.

Videos must be sharable

Irrespective of what content the video has, what most matters is how it is transferred from one to another or simply how it is shared. And internet plays a big role in making the video viral. We have video uploading platform ‘YouTube’, where people upload videos and everybody in the world can watch it. Social networking apps like WhatsApp and Facebook are also a medium of sharing videos. Virality is made by the shares. So, the sharing of these videos must be easy to spread across the web which could encourage shares and make it viral.

Video must be like – able

Video must be like able that means it is enjoyed and people want to share with their friends. The video must be eye – catching, not a boring and irrelevant video, matching the likes of the viewers. These videos need to appeal its viewers and as fast as possible. Teenagers get interested in pop culture & adults get interested in home decors, so videos with their favorite singer can catch their eye and videos with high graphics of beautiful house designs can appeal the adults.

Shorter videos are sweeter

The videos need to be such awesome with less time duration that the viewers won’t even think of switching tabs in between watching the video. A viral video is the one which will not only grab one’s attention but also sustain it. Today the internet viewers prefer brief videos over the lingering videos, so you need to have a clear and concise message.


People are attracted to stories and plots be it a comedy, documentary or a news. Videos with proper plotting make the viewers gain proper understanding and a sensible conclusion at the very ending. You should frame stories such that it is digestible. You just can’t make a video go viral by spitting out the facts and reasons. It’s just about finding the perfect balance and communicate the message appropriately.


It must be easy to share but at the same time it must not hurt any religious sentiments of the people nor disrespect anyone. If such thing happens, the video virality will fail. And you must encourage the people to share it with others and you get started with flutters of virality.

All these hands down the best way to increase virality of a video and it’s not difficult at all. All you need is to make a compelling and concise video with a great plot sharing it to the people to give your message.



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