5 Tops Changes Happening in Tollywood Industry in Recent Times

In the last few years, Tollywood (Telugu) industry has witnessed the winds of changes, be it in terms of conceptual movies, making of bilinguals, stars using social media for heavy promotion and engaging in words of war. This undoubtedly has created trending videos across social media platforms. One can’t ignore the spicing up trending videos of Tollywood industry, which are making headlines in recent times.

With every user using various social media platforms and websites to watch Tollywood latest trending videos, it is easy to share and stay updated. From social media wars among star fans and superstars becoming more ambitious, the Tollywood industry is turning to more interesting. Let us check five such changes happening in the industry:

  1. Social Media Rivalry:

Social media is undoubtedly becoming the battlefield for stars and their fans. Facebook and Twitter is becoming the major platforms for Tollywood stars. In 2016, #FlopUtsavam trended where certain sections  of Pawan Kalyan’s fans were in a battle against the section of Mahesh Babu’s fan for ridiculing Sardaar Gabbar Singh. Similarly, SM is considered as a platform to make a video go viral which can also can be viewed in online gossip websites.

  1. Crossing Borders for Filmmaking:

Cinema has no boundaries, and when it comes to presenting a story, it deserves no barriers. Several directors are coming with bi-lingual with Telugu superstars. From AR Murugadoss to N Lingusamy are coming with their respective bi-lingual films. The latest is the Baahubali movie, where both parts were released in pan-India with 4 different languages. Movies with great content and star power turn out to be trending among fans.

  1. Stars going Ambitious in other States:

Telugu stars are expanding their market to reach pan-India audience. Many big releases have been screened in theatres in major cities of different states. Be it NTR, Prabhas, Mahesh Babu or Pawan Kalyan, they are looking for a wider audience and releases. This also helps to be in trend in various gossip websites gain fan base.

  1. Multi-Starrer Movies:

When it comes to right script, actors are agreeing to work in combos which help to be into trends. Many top actors are ready to experiment with multi-starrer movies that give a boost to the script and star appearance.  In recent times, there have been many multi-starrer movies that received thumbs up from critics and fans.

  1. Using Trending Sites for Promotion:

The ultimate aim of a star is to keep his fans updated about the things happening in the film career. People love reading gossips, and with trending video sites available in bunches, stars leave no stone unturned to promote themselves.  There are sites that keep its viewers updated with trending videos happening in the Tollywood industry.

Platforms like Viduda allow fans to get the latest updates and interesting gossips happening in Tollywood industry. If you want to stay updated about your favourite star then check out Viduda that screens Tollywood latest tending videos regularly.


You need to take yourself and others out of boredom and bring a smile on everybody’s face. It’s a positive way of leading life. So, you can start with acting, telling jokes and even making funny videos. And making funny videos isn’t really a tough job. some people think that a squeaky voice is funny, for some scary things seem to be funny and for some pain is funny. Every different person has different definitions for funny. It’s not guaranteed that every video you make would appeal everyone. But you can give effort so that at least someone will laugh. If you have the right character, proper equipments, imagination making a bang hit video is in your fist.

Firstly, you need to create a group of yours which includes the cast and the crew. Your group must have people with outstanding personality and smart enough to act in the video. You will definitely need some co – actors and all acting needs to be guided by someone else. You need a writer or a script maker who has a message to deliver via these small videos. Without a cameraman, nothing is possible and atlast you need an expert to edit the video. Secondly, even if you have someone to direct your video, you need to brainstorm your own ideas. One should share with everyone, get a feedback and if satisfied you should start working. You need to carefully watch other videos related to your theme, read other scripts and ideas and get inspired. Choosing the right shooting location for you video according to your theme message or script is very important. You can choose your kitchen, garden or your own living room. It’s suggested to choose a scenic area like local park or central market to get proper lighting. The idea or theme can’t be said nor made into a video directly, it needs a proper script. Everyone should get involved to give suggestive improvements to your script.

You should be well prepared to accept the changes to occur in the midway of shooting the video. Some ideas which are more wittier and funnier comes naturally in the mind of the actors which makes the video funny. All these should be added to the filming of the video. Some dialogues or scenes comes naturally like ad-libbing and this must be allowed to incorporate in the filming of your video. Sometimes this results in funniest films. At the same time, you should take learnings from the past, like putting the funny things or jokes that happened to be a smash hit in the past. If you have got something, you can try to adapt it in your video. The final work is of a camera man and the director who should ensure that there’s a good sense of emotion and must have an ability to bring the actors out of the laugh. And the last one is editing, which can be done by various softwares available like the Windows Movie Maker. A video editor need to prepare a video with sensitivity, care and what’s funny is to the audience. Lastly, it is uploaded in video streaming site ‘YouTube’. These are the tips to a customer who need to follow before reaching any website.




Viral videos are one of the greatest online entertainment reaching almost everyone all around the globe. Within 24 hours of upload of these videos, it reaches more than hundred thousand views. It won’t be wrong if we say it has become a trend. These videos can be made overnight and can be uploaded and shared in video streaming websites and social networking platforms. And every one has the potential to become a “viral smash hit”. Many people want to unbox the secret of making a viral video. There are many tricks and tips to make videos and GIFs go viral. Some videos need to have big budget behind, some videos with celebrity appearance can grab people’s attention and crowd.

Videos must be sharable

Irrespective of what content the video has, what most matters is how it is transferred from one to another or simply how it is shared. And internet plays a big role in making the video viral. We have video uploading platform ‘YouTube’, where people upload videos and everybody in the world can watch it. Social networking apps like WhatsApp and Facebook are also a medium of sharing videos. Virality is made by the shares. So, the sharing of these videos must be easy to spread across the web which could encourage shares and make it viral.

Video must be like – able

Video must be like able that means it is enjoyed and people want to share with their friends. The video must be eye – catching, not a boring and irrelevant video, matching the likes of the viewers. These videos need to appeal its viewers and as fast as possible. Teenagers get interested in pop culture & adults get interested in home decors, so videos with their favorite singer can catch their eye and videos with high graphics of beautiful house designs can appeal the adults.

Shorter videos are sweeter

The videos need to be such awesome with less time duration that the viewers won’t even think of switching tabs in between watching the video. A viral video is the one which will not only grab one’s attention but also sustain it. Today the internet viewers prefer brief videos over the lingering videos, so you need to have a clear and concise message.


People are attracted to stories and plots be it a comedy, documentary or a news. Videos with proper plotting make the viewers gain proper understanding and a sensible conclusion at the very ending. You should frame stories such that it is digestible. You just can’t make a video go viral by spitting out the facts and reasons. It’s just about finding the perfect balance and communicate the message appropriately.


It must be easy to share but at the same time it must not hurt any religious sentiments of the people nor disrespect anyone. If such thing happens, the video virality will fail. And you must encourage the people to share it with others and you get started with flutters of virality.

All these hands down the best way to increase virality of a video and it’s not difficult at all. All you need is to make a compelling and concise video with a great plot sharing it to the people to give your message.



The Rising Popularity of Tamil Cinema

What do you like about a cinema that is slowly and steadily gripping the world around? Cinema has the power to capture emotions and let them flow in unconditional forms over the screens. The same is true for the Tamil cinema which is growing in popularity and has started to possess a strong presence amongst the minds of cinema lovers. There are several different genres of cinema which are loved and admired by people as per their likes. But the growth of a regional form of cinema to unprecedented scales is possible when all such genres are well covered by the filmmakers of the industry. This is happening in the present time in Tamil cinema where the film industry is booming with each passing day. Have you got to know about the success of films in this cinema? The power and presence of skilful actors, the ability of directors to let the actors play diverse characters on screen has made Tamil cinema closer to Bollywood in the contemporary world.

No Region, But Value Makes Success

It is not just in life, but in cinema as well that value has its role to cause success. Film makers, actors, dancers, comedians, there are artists of all kinds in Tamil cinema making it a success. It is in fact, true that Tamil movies are now served not just in Northern India and around, but also across the world for the cinematic value they offer. It was once believed that only Bollywood represents Indian cinema across the admirers all over the world. But the scenario has changed and blockbuster cinema has now been created in Tamil cinema as well. Even in terms of box office collection, films of star celebrities in the Tamil cinema are earning great business.

Celebrities of Tamil Cinema Giving It a Boost

If you are in love with the star celebrities in Tamil cinema, you can easily understand what causes their films to reach 100 crore business bar. Veteran actors like Kamal Hasan, Rajnikanth, Ajith, Suriya, Dhanush and many others are known for their impressive skills to charm the audience they create films for. Action, comedy, realistic and similar other genres of cinema are well served by Tamil films. What are your favorite Tamilian actors and actresses? Do you love watching their films even on the Television a number of times? This is true that because of the rising scope and love for Tamil cinema, even the most loved films are highly and repeatedly broadcasted on Television. People love watching the films for its content. There is no wrong in accepting your love for such films even if you see the dubbed versions of these films in the language you can understand.

There is no barrier of religion, caste, language or places and the success of films in Indian subcontinent and even abroad justify this notion. How crazy you are for watching Tamil movies in the weekend? Are you a fan of mega stars of Tamil cinema? Just love them for their work and enjoy what they do to serve you through cinema.

Digitalization affecting the Music Industry

How long have been listening and downloading music in digital formats? And have you felt the benefits in comparison to the other older formats music was found in before digitization comes in? People all over the world listen to music online as a part of their hobbies, interests and similar other reasons. The effects of digitization can now be felt in almost corner of the world. Understanding what it actually refers to will make it easier for you to let others understand the related definitions too. The term ‘digital’ has risen up from the digital science of electronics where you work upon signals and waves you cannot touch. Since not everyone knows well about the science behind, it will be easier to tell them the technological benefits in layman terms.

Easy in Access Digital Formats of Music

In the past time when there is no trend of going ‘digital’ over things, the music was sold and served in physical forms such as cassettes or even vinyl records. This also means that you were not allowed to send music to distant regions of the world. This was time consuming and since there were no ways to send such music forms to distances safely, music sharing was very difficult. With digitization of music industry, you are now allowed to send music files in digital formats worldwide in just a blink of an eye. Digital formats in simple terms means conversion of physical media to digital forms which are easy to access. Since the modern world is highly advanced in terms of smart phones and devices, digital forms of music has changed the way the world was using music.

Modes of Accessing Digital Content

In present time, everyone knows how music is shared and accessed online. But for those who do not know well about them, the fact to be discussed says that main 3 modes are there to access the musical content. You can download music through online music sharing platforms in free as well as in paid forms. There are certain platforms which place some restrictions on how the content they offer should be accessed and taken in use. But there are also those platforms from where you can download music of all kind without restrictions. Another form of music access is streaming subscription where the users can choose what kind of music they want to listen to and then pay a small amount for accessing such musical content.

Market Shift to Digital Music

Since going digital in terms of music is actually very useful for almost everyone, it is obvious that the traditional market will move towards the modern forms of music in digital formats. The market value of traditional, physical music media has declined to a major proportion in the last one decade. It has also resulted in direct reach of music producers and even music artists to the target admirers directly. Independent musicians have risen and gained popularity in less time. Music sharing platforms has made it easier for such talented artists to grow their popularity.

Direct Interactions with Favorite Stars

As fans spend more time on their digital devices, they feel more personally connected to their favourite artists, stars, athletes, and fellow fans — so much so that they crave more live, direct interactions with them. A great deal of evidence supports this. Touring and festivals are now the lifeblood of the music industry. And video gaming (aka “e-sports”) has become a live event phenomenon where fans pack arenas to watch others play competitively.
Live events are critical to building and strengthening fandom. They also representing the most direct way for monetizing a digital entertainment or media relationship in the physical world through ticket sales, merchandise, sponsorships, and advertising. Often, social media — connections and conversation between talent and fans as well as among fans — is at the centre of the virtuous circle that drives the value of live events, such as games, concerts, conferences, theme parks, conventions, and musicals. For example, fans fill Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook feeds with @event selfies, that is, photos, videos, and posts showcasing their favourite moments. These activities stimulate more interest from other fans, driving more ticket and product sales as well as advertising opportunities. Live events could be re-monetized as content on digital or traditional media. To illustrate, look no further than Taylor Swift’s decision to release her 1989 World Tour LIVE film on Apple Music, where it is available exclusively to Apple Music subscribers.
The attractive dynamics of live experiences explain why companies such as Pandora, which started out as a 100 percent digital service, have launched new event franchises like Women in Country. It is the rationale for other big strategic moves. Traditional publishers such as Time Inc., Conde Nast, and the New York Times Company have announced plans to expand their participation in live events — viewing these efforts as essential to developing new offerings for users and well as marketing partners and sponsors. Video brands such as CNBC are also pursuing live event opportunities. In 2015, CNBC in partnership with Inc. Media, the publisher of Inc. magazine, launched iCONIC, a multicity event series focused on small business, entrepreneurship, and start-up innovation. As “paid content,” live events are becoming more critical for E&M companies as they seek to unlock new sources of revenue growth from their brands and fan bases beyond traditional advertising and subscriptions.

Podcasts Gain Renaissance with Newfound Popularity

Once more, podcasts are aiming to be “the next big thing” in the media industry. This phenomenon, is also known as the “podcast renaissance”, which has come exactly 10 years after the podcast’s first emergence. Since that time, the podcast has aged gracefully unlike other mediums that have gone by the wayside. Here are five reasons why podcasts are starting to gain momentum again:
1. Technology –
First of all, technology has become more accepting of the podcast. In 2005, an individual needed to create a wired hook-up between devices, download the podcasts and sync all devices to gain access to podcasts, which tended to work only for the truly diehard fans of the medium. Today, smartphones have eliminated all these hassles. As cars start getting their own Internet connections, being able to stream podcasts on the daily commute will make it even more easier.
2. Popularity –
Second, podcasts tend to stick in memory more than other mediums. While many individuals tear through Netflix seasons and consume millions of YouTube videos, these experiences just don’t stick in the mind the way a podcast does. A great podcast ensnares a listener and pulls them through experiences and thoughts without letting go. This type of stickiness has created legions of fans of particular podcasts.
3. Advertising –
Third, podcast advertising is extremely effective. Any advertisements are read by the hosts, who act as trusted authorities, which in turn bolsters an ad’s effectiveness more than any standard commercial. It’s like hearing about a product through word-of-mouth.
4. Quality and Cost –
Fourth, the quality of podcast programming done on the cheap has blossomed in the last ten years. Movie and television studios require huge production houses to create quality programs. The majority of journalistic programming has become much more political and decisive. High quality print, although cheaper on the whole, has become secondary to most interactive and visual medium. Podcasting, however, has been able to maintain high quality programming and interest without the extra burden of high costs.
5. Steady Growth –
Fifth, podcasting was touted as an emerging medium since its creation in 2005. Since that time, its growth has not been explosive, but it has been steady. While only 1 in 10 person had ever listened to a podcast in 2005, about 1 in 3 can make the same claim in 2015. Those who do, also lean toward heavy listeners. Instead of listening to the radio or talk shows during the daily commute, podcasts make up the daily programming.

7 Audio Industry Influencers You Should Know

When students from American University’s chapter of the Audio Engineering Society met to discuss their audio production heroes, a common theme emerged. It was not as much about a certain technology or a ground-breaking technique. The students gathered expressed their appreciation for certain engineers who have managed to infuse their unique talents and personalities into every work they have helped create.
From the perspective of audio technology students, here are seven sound engineers and industry influencers you should know:
1. Bob Katz
When an engineering stalwart like Bob Katz writes a textbook, students pay close attention. That’s not only because he’s won multiple Grammys and worked with many exceptional musicians, but also because he cares enough to pay it forward. In his book Mastering Audio: The Art and the Science, Katz breaks down an extremely complex topic into concepts that can be understood, appreciated, and implemented. As far as the students are concerned, the music industry should be thanking him for decades to come.

2. Geoffrey Emerick
For audio technology students, long-time Beatles engineer Geoffrey Emerick is an obvious role model, as he’s done so many things they aspire to do. From boldly trying inventive production techniques and working with ground-breaking artists—Supertramp, Jeff Beck, and Elvis Costello, to name a few—to advancing quickly in the profession at an uncommonly young age, Emerick represents everything that’s possible.
Today student audio engineers are able to pursue fulfilling careers that focus on the art and science of audio engineering, for which we should be thankful to all the sound professionals such as Emerick.
3. Kendrick Lamar
It’s hard to put one overarching label on Kendrick Lamar. He’s a rapper, producer, activist, and visionary, to name a few. He has proved he can grab the spotlight with highly engineered album such as “To Pimp a Butterfly” or raw efforts such as the recently released Either way, audio technology students are always left anxiously awaiting his next move.
4. Leslie Ann Jones
Usually the rock stars reside in front of the mic, but our audio technology students think recording and mixing engineer Leslie Ann Jones rocks pretty hard from behind the glass. Of course, the fact that she works at legendary Skywalker Sound makes here the envy of many. But more than that, students have been envying her more than 30 years of diverse opportunities to record scores, mix film and video elements, and produce albums. With her experience, talent, and lineage (her father, Spike Jones, is a music icon), Jones is a quintessential bridge from audio engineering’s past to its future.
5. Zaytoven
DJ and record producer Zaytoven is part of a long line of audio professionals who weave a particular style into the fabric of music history as a whole. Fifty years from now, Zaytoven’s contributions to the industry through his award-winning trap music and mixtapes will serve as vital connective tissue in the constantly evolving story of sound production.

6. Tony Visconti
If part of the fun of audio production is shaping art across a wide spectrum of genres, then Tony Visconti had an absolute blast. Working with artists such as David Bowie and T. Rex, Visconti built a decades-long career atop creativity and experimentation. The result was some of the most memorable music ever created.
7. Nigel Godrich
Producer Nigel Godrich’s, who is best known for his critically acclaimed work with Radiohead, rose to the top of the music industry by following a formula that appeals to many audio technology students:
• Receive hands-on training from experienced professionals in a university setting.
• Begin working at the industry’s entry level, if necessary—working extremely hard.
• Stay true to one’s convictions and passions.
• Discover opportunities to work with talented artists to combine the art and science of audio production.

New Wave of Talent in the Hindi Music Industry

Hello, readers!
From past 5-6 months, people have been listening to lots of good Hindi music, that has just released during that periods. And they are very VERY good music which has indeed been produced in recent times!! And interestingly, the names which you will see for the credits of these songs are no longer names like “Udit Narayan” or “Sonu Nigam”, but the rather the likes of “Ankit Tiwari”,”Neha Kakkar”, Divya Kumar” and many more.
And what, we don’t like about people these days, is when they hear these songs, and enjoy them whole-heartedly, without even knowing who is singing the song, or even who composed it! The reasoning might be bright from some angles, like for example, when these people say “Ah! Who cares! The song is nice, and that’s all I care about!” But looking at this from another angle, you can say that there are benefits for knowing who at-least composing the song, since you wold then be eager to listen to the next compositions by the same person, in the future!
So since, there is a new wave, and we can even say a “new generation” of singers and composers coming in here’s dedicating this blog-post, in trying to know more about each of these singers and composers.
Naturally, this post is divided into two starting with singers, exploring the various tracks that gave them the fame and then ending with a new age composer.
Ankit Tiwari – With blockbuster movie ‘Aashiqui 2’ he became a music sensation overnight. Some other famous songs by him are: Tere Liye from Sanam Re, Mat Ja Re from Tanu weds Manu Returns, Kuch to hua hai from sigham returns and many more.
Neha Kakkar – she is India’s very popular and fascinating Pop singer who started her career from Indian Idol and finished up at the 10th rank (she was in 11tgh standard that time). Some of the best songs of her are: Manali Trance, Sunny Sunny with Yo Yo Honey Singh, and many more.
Divya Kumar – His song ‘Hawan Karengey’ from the blockbuster movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag made ever lasting impact of his impressive vocals.
Amit Trivedi – his national award winning Dev D is indeed an album that deserved all the praise! He then composed for the movie Aisha.

And so, dear readers….which are YOUR favourite songs, among the songs sung by such relatively “new” people? Please, do let me know your opinion on it all by leaving a comment below.
Take care and keep smiling and yes, keep enjoying good music only on www.viduda.com

Turning Point for Women in Entertainment

Today you don’t have to be male (or even change your get up) to be the lead actor on a top television show anymore. While many female-driven shows of the past –“Balika Vadhu”, “Nagin”, and many more under the Ekta Kapoor banner– were loved by both the critics and the audience and they also gained widespread appeal and praises from the audiences. They couldn’t escape the category “shows for women” even though many revolved around genres, such as action or sci-fi, where men took the leading roles.
2015-16, however, bucked up that trend and also helped in ending that dry spell of female entertainment jobs. If we talk about the online English shows (watched by almost everone acroos the world) “Supergirl” is currently leading as the highest rated new show followed by “Blindspot” which is a thriller with an amnesiac woman playing the lead role. According to news, some new shows like “UnREAL”, “Flesh & Bone” and “Agent Carter” will also have women in their leading role. And if we talk about the hindi shows, you will find YouTube flooded with many short films focusing on women; be it being a single mom, overcoming the fear of eve-teasing, or any other thing in this world.
That’s not to say that these new shows are the only ones leading the charge. More likely, they are the result of the past decade and its flux of strong women leads. “Swaragani”, “Diya Aur Bati Hum” and “Ek Dooje Ke Vaste” have all gained critical recognition and earned awards for their efforts towards empowering women. Do you know these shows have gained the moniker of “great television” first and “shows for women” second? The story has brought the importance of the ‘Female’ gender.
Despite the years’ progress, major entertainment jobs for female, in both television & films, as the writers, directors and producers – are still harder to come by. According to a study by the Center for the Study of Women in Television & Film, only 20% of the film jobs will be filled by women. By doing a survey of close to 6,000 positions, the study revealed that the most likely entertainment careers for women are producers, followed by executive producers, then editors, then writers, directors and in the last cinematographers. In the last group of cinematographers, only 5% of the women filled the total positions for the Top 250 films produced in the year 2014-15.
This news of lack of entertainment careers for women, especially for the behind-the-scenes jobs, is not new. There’s a lack of female video game creators. In literary circles, men still continue to get more books reviewed than their female counterparts. In the music industry, female music producers are a rarity to find.
There might be a lot of space to make some real progress for women in entertainment industry, but 2015-16’s television line-up is definitely proof that trends are moving fast and are moving in the right direction. “Strong female leads” shouldn’t be a genre apart from mainstream viewing. And as women get an equal share of screen time and respect as major players in the entertainment industry, having women as the leads, producers and directors should become much more common and hassle free.
Entertainment careers for females have come a long way from the time when the roles of the early 20th century – where the women only played an ‘abla-nari’ in movies and television. There’s plenty more work to do, but 2015-16 was a good showing for the progress already made.
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